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Accounting Solutions Offered:

New Business Set-Up:

Set-up of business accounting systems, development of both administrative and business cycle processes and providing training and support for new administrative staff.

Book Keeping Processes:

Provide daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly book keeping services. These services may include customer billings, data entry, bank and payables reconciliations and preparation of GST, PST and LCT returns.

Internal Interim Financial Reporting:

Preparation of interim internal financial statements comprising of an income statement, balance sheet and where available comparisons to budgets/forecasts. The process incorporates a careful review of accounts receivable and payables, reconciliations, cash management processes and revenue and expense analysis.


Development and facilitation of business periodic budgeting process. Encompasses review of historical trends, when information is available, combined with current and future market expectations.

Policy/Process Review:

Review of organizations documented policies and procedures providing feedback on areas susceptible to risk and identify areas for improvement. Observation and evaluation of procedures may also be provided to ensure compliance to organizationís documentation.


Calculation of employee pay cheques, source deductions, preparation of T4ís, Records of Employment and maintenance of employee payroll records.

Year- End:

Preparation of required year-end documentation for an external accountant to prepare financial statements and corporate tax returns.
I.T. Solutions Offered:

We offer a variety of service to meet all your I.T. needs and budget. Our focus is on creating an environment that is tailored specifically for your business. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that produces the results you desire and provide a payment plan that is flexible and allows to you budget accurately.

Networking Control:

  • Monitoring and continuing maintenance of your LAN, WAN, domain and VPN.

    Email & Messaging Services:

  • Management of your email, spam filtering and mobile messaging services.

    Total Backup:

  • Guaranteed continuity of your critical business services and data.

    PC Complete:

  • Unlimited preventative maintenance, response and troubleshooting of your PCs.

    Complete Server Monitoring:

  • Monitoring of the health and performance of your servers and shared applications.

    Unlimited Network Support:

  • Unlimited maintenance, response and emergency support of your entire network.

    Asset Reporting:

  • Greater control of your IT assets through regular audits of what you have.

    IT Procurement Assistance:

  • IT consultants work with you to help you make optimal technology choices.

    Unlimited User Helpdesk:

  • Unlimited helpdesk services for PC users, included in your monthly fee.

    Projects and Integration:

  • New rollouts, VoIP, integration, software upgrades, hardware installs.

    Standard Reporting:

  • Network health reporting and quarterly reviews with our Experts.

    IT Consulting:

  • Network health reports, regular IT strategy meetings and procurement assistance.


  • Deployment and maintenance of routers, switches and wireless access points.
  • Hardware:

  • We have experience managing environments that contain a variety or hardware from many different vendors, including IBM, HP and Dell.


  • Roll outs, upgrades or regular maintenance. We can support and consult on a wide variety of available products.
  • Maintenance Contract:

  • If you require service on a regular basis or wish to keep your environment as healthy as possible we provide a range of solutions to fit your needs.

    Managed Services Programs:

  • Responsive Proactive Supplemental
  • Responsive Service
  • Reliable Solutions
  • Proactive Management
  • Predictable Costs
  • Enhanced Performance
  • JPM Solutions has a variety of solutions to meet the needs of your business. We offer flexible and affordable solutions tailored to align your IT infrastructure with the goals of your business. Our standard packages are fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

    H.R. Solutions Offered:
    Work with clients to complete an initial HR Health check to establish what challenges are faced and develop strategies to address them.

    HR Policies

  • Regulatory compliance including privacy, safety and employment standards
  • Develop the personnel policies required for risk management and operations


  • Total compensation strategy development (pay, benefits, work environment and personal development).
  • Base and incentive pay systems.
  • Benefits plan evaluation and recommending flexible and cost effective solutions.

    Employee Recruitment & Selection

  • Recruitment strategies to get the right people.
  • Foreign recruitment, with comprehensive immigration and relocation services
  • Develop Job Descriptions to ensure roles are defined and communicated.
  • Access to external profiling tool to assist in the hiring of key personnel.

    Performance Management

  • Develop processes to set and review performance objectives.
  • Align people with business goals
  • Developing succession plans with linked training plans, because nobody stays forever.

    Retention strategies

  • Assess the causes of turnover and develop strategies to retain and develop staff
  • Develop strategies to improve corporate culture