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Accounting Solutions
  • Faced with a government audit, now what? Do you have a strong understanding of the requirements and how to capture and store the information? How about preventing audits all together?
  • Are your revenues high and yet feeling the cash crunch?
  • How are you capturing your financial information? Preparing adequate financial statements and budgets? These tools can help plug the cash drain.
  • Another year's passed and your tax accountant on your case?
  • Are you always feeling the pressure when putting your information together for your tax return? Or do you hand over your information as is? If so you are likely paying a premium to get it into shape.
  • Are you wondering if your new revenue stream is doing as well as is seems? You must capture your daily transactions in a manner that will help you evaluate all areas of your business? Or are you always looking backward and trying to figure it out after?
I.T. Solutions
  • Excessive Downtime? Do your staff productivity levels drop dramatically during IT outages, interruptions or failures?
  • Network Neglected? Is yours perceived as a "necessary evil" and not as integral to improving business performance?
  • Stuck in a break-fix nightmare? Many service providers just address the symptoms of downtime, and not the root cause!
  • Tired of guessing what your spending on IT?
    • Would you like to stabilize your environment, create reliable budgets and accurately predict future expenditures?
    • Would you like to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your existing technology?
    • Do you need to reduce waste and lower your IT related costs?
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